A Seminar was held on OLPC functions with teacher in the last two weeks

All our teachers attended a one week training at the school on OLPC functions. Everybody was motivated and excited today we had our first class with the students since the reopening of the school year 2013-2014. All the kids would love to have their own laptop to practice.

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A video interview with Frantzo, teacher in Ferrier

Take a look at this three minute interview with Frantzo, a charming an educated young Haitian who I met in 2012 during my first trip to Ferrier. As you can tell from the video, Frantzo has a deep concern about the success of education in Ferrier and knows exactly what the problems are.

Even for those who aren’t familiar with the school, I hope this can be useful for those who are interested in general education in Haiti. For those who have any interest in learning more about, supporting, or connecting with the school, I invite you to join the newsletter on our homepage.

One thing that’s nice to know while watching this is that we are starting to introduce computers into the classroom, one of the things Frantzo wished for when interviewed him.

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Renovations at the school for the coming school year!

Hi everyone, my apologies for dropping off the map since my Haiti trip last month. I’ve just gotten into the swing of my new life at school in California, and I’m back! School in Haiti is also about to start, and I’ve just received some pictures of recent renovations at our school in Ferrier Haiti.

Last year we ran a fundraiser asking for money to help teachers get transportation to the school. Unfortunately, due to a few factors (including a high rate of motorcycles being stolen) we had to put this money to another use, and we decided to spend it on renovations for the school.

The teachers, the children and I send a huge thank you to everyone who donated and shared our site!

Please check out the photos below. You can see some new metal roofing being installed, and more importantly, real walls! Previously, the walls were made out of USAID tarps that were useless at stopping sound, and sound is a huge problem when you have 50-100 students in a tiny school with no walls! These new walls are made out of plywood and sheet metal:

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Second XO class in Ferrier

The word must have spread around town about the XOs because today we had almost twice as many kids show up for the second unofficial summer lesson.

Todays lesson:

  • What did we do yesterday?
  • Neighborhood pages, friends page, activities page, and Journal
  • Adding another computer as a friend
  • Chat with a friend
  • The Draw activity

The Chat activity was a huge success. Half of the kids had never used a computer, half of them had used a computer once before, and yet they got through the steps of creating a chat, sending/receiving invitations, and chatting in pairs. We also explained the concept of wireless to them and pointed out the antennas on the computers. Many of the kids were about 10 years old, so many of them were improving their French (we helped them) as they chatted.

The Draw activity was also great. If I had had a little more time, I would have had them send pictures to each other. Some of their creations:





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The Incredible Roller Panel

I have a lot to say about our (ongoing attempt at a) solar rig. But for now I can say:

It's animal friendly!

soldering with a coat hanger and a peso

  • The panel we have found is really exciting, that it can roll up into a backpack size, that it is cheap and durable.
  • If we collect energy from the (130W) panel for just 2.5h every day, that’s 325Wh, more than enough to fully charge ten XO laptops (30Wh each).
  • Despite the fact we are still missing some parts, I’ve been inspired by the ingenuity of my Haitian friends. For example, this impromptu soldering iron.

This has been the optimistic post about our solar project. Stay tuned for one outlining the challenges involved.

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